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4.1 / 5.0

SurfEasy VPN kanske inte är en av de mest välkända VPN-tjänsterna, men med 5 servrar världen över och 5 enheter per licens kan de vara värda att överväga. {vendor_name}} är rankad 3.2 för sina priser, som börjar från $ 0.00/månad

May 8, 2019
SurfEasy VPN Användarrecensioner
Shane Zee
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Good on PC, HORRIBLE on iOS

I have been a user for a few years, however, the title says it all. They would be okay if they helped with troubleshooting, however, I found their support is absolutely horrible and incompetent when it comes to iOS devices. They did not even return messages after multiple attempts. Sorry SurfEasy - I am going elsewhere!

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Visste du att vi godkänner alla användarrecensioner? Företag kan inte betala för att lägga till eller ta bort någon.

    apr 27, 2019
    Totally agree Shane troubleshooting is non existan

    Would definitely not recommend after spending one and half hours trying to change from the now obsolete VPN key to VPN Total to no avail.

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    A great VPN service, definitely does the job

    This VPN is very simple and user friendly, which I haven’t seen in many other VPN’s, and VPN’s like Privatix or MightyVPN send you these obstructive messages prompting you to turn the VPN on every five minutes, with this VPN it just sends you a simple and small message to notify you. If this VPN was free and unlimited, I would see this company thriving, But I guess there’s reasons why it can’t be free, the company needs money to maintain itself, maybe in the future they’ll expand and give the free users more data or unlimited data, But then that would make subscriptions worthless, as I am assigned. Anyways, overall this is a great VPN service, without it I wouldn’t have known that my own friends house WiFi was attacked, I would recommend this simple and easy to use VPN to anyone, although it’s not completely free, I would recommend subscribing for your mobile device, as I take my iPhone everywhere connecting to multiple networks, so this works best for me, and $1.95 a month won’t blow a hole in your wallet, as much as a cheap McDonald’s coffee.. I bet you didn’t read my entire review, have a nice day!

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      Sleazy Company

      Don't forget to cancel your subscription before your it is automatically renewed because they will not allow to cancel after they bill you. Horrible practice. There are better options with much better performance. The android app is very annoying.

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        Funktioner Detaljer
        Antal länder med servrar 13
        Sparar VPN-tjänsten loggar? Nej
        Har VPN-tjänsten en kill-switch? Nej
        Antal enheter per licens 5
        Prissättning 3.2 / 5.0
        $ 6.49 /månad
        $ 3.99 /månad
        $ 0.00/månad
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        Pengarna-tillbaka-garanti (dagar): 7
        Antal enheter per licens: 5
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