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Surfshark vs VPN Tracker 2023



    Funktioner 9.3/10
    Prissättning 8.7/10
    Användbarhet 9.4/10
    Pålitlighet & support 9.8/10
    Funktioner 6.4/10
    Prissättning 8.8/10
    Användbarhet 6.0/10
    Pålitlighet & support 6.3/10


    Author Image Bogge Ahlström
    Bogge Ahlström

    Senior redaktör


    Med VPN-tjänster tenderar du att få vad du betalar för. Så när jag såg Surfsharks superlåga priser (du kan få det för bara €3.22/month), var jag lite skeptisk till alla strålande recensioner. För att ta reda på om det faktiskt lever upp till dessa påståenden testade jag varje enskild aspekt av Surfshark , inklusive hastigheter, säkerhetsfunktioner, avblockeringsförmåga, nätverk...

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    Senaste positiva användarrecensionen
    Lucas Pinto Ricardo
    Fast, reliable and unlimited

    This VPN is fast and reliable. It has a lot of servers in different countries and can be used in an un... limited amount of devices (it supports Linux, which is something very important for me). The software and app get updated regularly: note that I experienced some bugs with the auto-connect feature on Android that have been solved since then. With this competitive pricing, I would definitely recommend it. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not including the customer support in this review, because I never had to use it. If I use it in the future, I will update this review with my experience. I recommend you to see other reviews that include it if it is important for you.Mer

    Senaste negativa användarrecensionen
    A Mixed Bag...

    There's much good to say about Surfshark. Pricing, especially when they're running a 'special', is gre... at. Speeds for most of their servers are quite good. The app works well (I mostly use it on a desktop), but has some bugs that never seem to be addressed. One is that the connection protocol has a habit of changing on its own out of nowhere, even though I have it set to use a particular protocol. Since it changes to a protocol where I can't connect this is a bit of a pain. Reported this, (it's going on for months) but never gets fixed. Also with the app, sometimes it will put up a notice within the app that you have a connection problem but it's not clear if you are or are not still protected when this occurs. The "notice" may or may not be seen by you unless you have the app on top of everything else you're running at the time. It's a bit disturbing when you see this, have no clue how long the 'notice' was up, and are wondering if you've been surfing protected or not! Another issue is even more concerning; I hit a lot of websites that won't allow you to proceed while connected to this VPN! The site immediately recognizes you're masking your IP and won't let you use the site. I guess you're still anonymous, which is good, but what good is it when they know you're on a VPN and won't allow you access? Not sure if this is something with Surfshark's system, or just that there are so many people on this VPN that the sites see IP addresses coming up too frequently and know you're masking. Have been on 3 other VPN's over the last 7 years, have not seen this difficulty before, not really happy about it since if a site blocks you while being on a VPN it doesn't do you much good. So, it's kind of a mixed bag. I signed up on a 2-year deal, not sure I'll continue with them when it expires. There's a lot of promise with Surfshark, but they need to fix and flesh out parts of their service.Mer

    Author Image Kristina Perunicic
    Kristina Perunicic



    VPN Tracker is an excellent VPN for Mac and iOS devices, as can be shown with their high-quality iOS interface. VPN Tracker offers servers that are mainly meant for professional, business internet usage, which differs from the usual focus of using VPNs for personal use. Unlike personal VPNs, VPN Tracker lets you connect to multiple servers all over the world at the same time, so you can communica...

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    Senaste negativa användarrecensionen
    Ron Ross
    Worst Tech Support Ever

    I had been using VPN Tracker and World Connect for a number of years, and I don't know why. I guess on... e would call it lazy. I figured that it was easier than looking for alternatives. Each and every year VPN Tracker (Equinux) would faithfully deduct several hundred dollars (495.00) from my bank account (through credit card "on file") for the 12 months following the payment. All was humming along well until I needed tech support. That is when I realized how bad VPN Tracker was. Tech support? What tech support? It's almost non-existent. Keep in mind that VPN Tracker and World Connect are not freeware. They are fully chargeable software licenses. Yet, there is no number to call; only contact via email. Seriously? Email-only? C'mon, this is crazy. One pays a fairly high amount for use of their software for what would be considered a critical need, only to be at the mercy of whenever their support staff decided to acknowledge and reply to the request. My request for assistance was ignored for almost a week before the unending string of emails between Rafael and myself lead to nowhere. You know the drill. You contact tech support. They contact you back with a link to their FAQ's that have no relevance to the reason for contacting them in the first place. I finally gave up. At that point, I decided to move on and canceled my automatic renewal, which was scheduled to happen this July 2021. I fully expected usage of VPN Tracker and World Connect for the next four months. Not true, I come to find out. Because I canceled my auto-renewal, I wanted to delete my credit card information. That makes sense. Why have credit card information sitting on the servers of a company you no longer will be using when the subscription expires? Unfortunately, the credit card information can not be deleted by the subscriber, or so I come to find out. I then contacted Equinux and asked that my credit card information be removed from my account since I was not auto-renewing. Their reply was something that shocked me. They informed me that, if they delete the credit card info, it would then delete usage of the program even though I was paid through July 2021. This is why I left Equinux and VPN Tracker. They are the worst of all services I have ever used. Arrogant is a kind word. Save yourself the grief and look to any of the others, as I have. For the record, I have signed with Express VPN for anonymity and Sonic Mobile Connect for access to my local VPN. Goodbye Equinux and VPN Tracker. I wish I could say it was nice, but unfortunately, you soured me on our program with your policies and practices.Mer


    Lägsta pris €3.22/månad
    Pengarna-tillbaka-garanti (dagar) 30 Dagar
    Antal enheter per licens Obegränsat enheter
    Lägsta pris $9.47/månad
    Pengarna-tillbaka-garanti (dagar) 0 Dagar
    Antal enheter per licens 10 enheter

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    Author Image Bogge Ahlström
    Bogge Ahlström

    Senior redaktör

    Slutgiltig dom – En användarvänlig och säker, pålitlig VPN för att avblockera geografiskt begränsat innehåll var som helst Jag rekommenderar Surfshark till 100 procent. Av alla konkurrenter ger den dig mest valuta för pengarna och allt som en topp-VPN borde ha: flera avancerade säkerhetsfunktioner, ett tillförlitligt nätverk med jämna hastigheter, avblockeringsförmåga och ett starkt engagemang för användarnas integritet och säkerhet. Jag var verkligen imponerad av Surfsharks kundsupport och nivå av öppenhet när jag läste igenom deras integritetspolicy. För övrigt är ett av de största försäljningsargumenten att man kan ansluta ett obegränsat antal enheter samtidigt, vilket gör det jämförelsevis låga priset ännu mer värt det. Det största problemet ur ett integritetsperspektiv är att deras policy för loggar inte har kontrollerats eller granskats, och att de har sitt huvudkontor i ett 9 Eyes-land. Totalt sett är dock Surfshark en högkvalitativ VPN på nästan alla sätt. Testa Surfshark idag Över 3,200 servrar i

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    Vi rankar leverantörer baserat på rigorösa tester och efterforskning, men vi lyssnar även på din feedback och våra kommersiella avtal med leverantörer. Denna sida innehåller partnerlänkar.